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THINK SPRING! Call now and get in front of the line! Let us remove all that unsightly pet waste, add a yard sanitation and enjoy your "Clean Paws Yard"!

Please no Sunday calls unless you need to cancel Monday service. When you call, please ask for Anthony.

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Weather and Other Services

We work all year roundDo you work through the winter?

Yes. Dogs keep making their messes all year long and we will continue to clean up and remove dog waste throughout winter. HOWEVER, it is at times necessary to add and a small additional fee in the winter months. This is only in the event that we have to remove a lot of snow and ice to do a good job. It is not uncommon to remove sixty pounds or more of snow to do a single weekly clean. Some clients prefer to put service on hold for the cold months, in which case there will be an extra service charge for the first clean up the following spring. All waste covered by snow will be revealed sooner or later, when it is we will clean it up. However, when snow makes it impossible to clean it may be necessary to charge a little extra when we are able to get back out. We will attempt to keep your weekly rate and only add an extra charge under the most extreme circumstances.

Can I sign up during the winter?

Yes. We operate year round and signing up can be done anytime. However, since service has been started during winter or after the snow has started to accumulate, a spring cleanup charge may apply once the snow melts. We will discuss this with you in advance.


What happens when it rains or snows?

Bad weather is a part of life. Although a very heavy snowfall or rainfall can at times shut us down, we can usually work through it. If the weather prevents us from servicing your yard we will get to that missed service as soon as possible.

Do you do any other service?

Yes, we do spring clean up of tree limbs or whatever winter’s left over for an hourly fee of $50. Leaf removal in fall, we can bid that on site. We can do single story eves cleaning and limited power washing, bid on site. OUR BIG OTHER JOB IS SNOW BLOWING! We charge anywhere from $25 and up. We use a snow blower and not a plow. The snow blower is Property friendly!

What do others say about our service?

Since Clean Paws started cleaning up after Max and Dots we have enjoyed our back yards again! We were just not interested in messing with the dirty job of picking up pet poop! But after awhile someone would eventually clean it up…me! Now Clean Paws comes every Tuesday and we are dodo free! Bob – Midland

I live by myself and have arthritis, I used to pay a neighbor boy to pick up after my two Collies but he wasn’t too happy with it and stop coming by. But now Clean Paws takes care of it for me and even checks their water. Plus they worked with me on the price Virginia- Midland

I’m always on the go, I just don’t want to spend what little time I have cleaning up after Skipper. Now I have more time to walk my dog and never give a thought about the dirtiest chore that no one wants to do. Thank you Clean Paws! Katy of Mt Pleasant

We spring clean, fall pickup, snow removal.